Let's get to work!

Excellent caring service

Mark Mortensen of Mortensen Tree Service is absolutely excellent. I have had him do work for me twice now, and would hire him again without hesitation. About a year or two ago he had cut a tree down next to our driveway because it was interfering with the cars in the neighborhood, and more recently they trimmed our front tree and did an excellent job. They also made sure not to leave a mess, which was very much appreciated.

Because Mark is an arborist he knows exactly what he is doing, and is not just choosing random branches and cutting them off. What I loved most about him was how he showed me a catalog of work that he had already done, and also recommended products for us to use in order to maintain our trees. We bought two bottles of Envirotree from him in order to keep our trees, plants, and lawn green. At first I was hesitant to buy the product because it was a little pricey, but sooner than I thought I had seen very good results. I don't think my lawn has ever been so green!

Mark definitely knows what he is doing and is great at it, but Mortensen's Tree Service really lives up to its name by providing actually great service. He and his helpers are wonderful, kind, and caring. When we had put in another order for EnviroTree his wife actually came to our house and personally delivered the product.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Mark and everyone at Mortensen's Tree Service.

Phyllis J.  Highlands Ranch , CO