Let's get to work!

Mark and his crew have done excellent work for me.

I have been using Mortensen Tree Service for about two or three years. Mark, the owner, and his team come out around twice a year. Mark comes to my home to give an estimate and then he brings in his crew to do the job.

Mark is very easy going, easy to work with, and an all around likeable guy. He has done several different services for me, from consulting, to tree trimming, and tree removal. All of his services have been really good.

I can't compare his service to anyone else, because they're the only tree service I've used. But, they really work with you in terms of pricing. They'll do their services biannually or quarterly, so you don't have to pay all at once.

One of the best things that has come out of their services was that they have recommended environmental treatments for my trees, to help them blossom.

As a result of their services, my trees have really blossomed. My trees are really healthy and so much better looking. I would recommend Mortensen Tree Service.

Debbie C.  Denver, CO